Wireless Communication System Test Equipment

Carrier to Noise Generator - Precision BER versus C/N Testing using AWGN
White Gaussian Noise Generator
Satellite to Ground Station RF Link Emulator
Frequency Synthesizer - HF to 30GHz, Low Noise, 1 Hz Resolution
Multi-channel Broad Band Solid State Attenuator
Frequency Converters
RF Interfaces.


Signal Integrity / Power Integrity Test Systems & Engineering Services

Gigatest Labs manufactures precision probing systems. The GTL5050 is the industry standard for probing
   multiple-board-interconnects, BGAs, Test Sockets, Contactors, PCBs, and backplanes -designed by SI professionals.    Customized probing systems are also available to meet unique customer requirements.
GTL65_Series and GTL_40_Series Microwave Probes offer durability, contact compliance, and long-life span for day-to-day
   measurement task.
Gigatest Labs specializes in measurement and model development of high-speed digital-interconnects to 67GHz, including
   modeling and simulation for 2D and 3D structures.

(For Taiwan Market Only)

Dip Coating and UV Curing Systems

Benchtop Dip Coating System
   Coating electronic assemblies with acrylics, silicones, and urethane conformal coatings
Tabletop conveyorized UV Cure System
   Ideal for curing coatings, adhesives and printing inks


Manual and Automatic Test Fixtures and Calibration Standards

RF Test Fixtures
   Packaged Devices
   Substrate ( Microstrip & Coplanner )
Calibration Kits
Automated RF Device Handler
TDR and RF Probes

Wavevue Measurement Studio Pro
Comprehensive, easy to use solution
A single solution for
  On-wafer ;          Packaged ;          fixture
Custom Software Development
      your specific measurement needs, custom software development may be an appropriate option
      pay only for the incremental development needed to meet your requirement
Modules and Features
      S-Parameters (2 Port and Multiport) ,  DC Bias (Static),   I-V Measurements,   C-V Measurements,   Power Measurements Scalar,  
       Noise Measurements (50Ohm NF) ,  Dynamic (Pulsed) I-V Measurements ,   Wafer Prober Control
     Graphical scripting,    Comprehensive reporting functions,    Wafer mapping ,   Integrates seamlessly with Nucleus 1 Fully,
      compatible with WinCal 1,    Exports to ADS and ICCAP 2 ,    Conditional branching in scripts,    DLL capability for advanced parameter calculation
        Switch matrix control    ,Data file Streaming and export capability    ,Database export
Wavevue Measurement Studio is an integrated measurement solution that unifies RF/microwave and DC measurements in one software application.
Modules are can be purchased separately or as a package to enable custom configurations for each customer solution. In addition to the modules listed below,
    Microvue can also be contracted for custom development of new measurement modules to fit your needs.